ETAJ artist-run space_Bucharest_Image from the opening event of the exhibition Mystic Nothing, 2018. Courtesy of ETAJ.

ETAJ artist-run space

Years active: 2018 – 

ETAJ is an artist-run space that was established in 2018. It serves as a catalyst, focusing on enhancing the effectiveness of contemporary artistic creations within the local context. A group of artists came together to form this cultural cell, aiming to address the needs of emerging artists and provide them with alternative solutions for showcasing and presenting their work to the public. It embraces an eclectic and spontaneous aesthetic approach, often delving into experimental territory. However, it also incorporates specific organizational elements, such as the in situ nature of the exhibited works, designed and showcased by the featured artists. By emphasizing contextual and site-specific aspects, ETAJ aims to create a unique experience for both artists and audiences. This initiative strives to increase the visibility of emerging artists, supporting their creative endeavours and fostering an environment where their innovative works can be discovered and appreciated.


43 George Enescu st., 010304 Bucharest