Nano Gallery_Cluj_Image from the opening of the exhibition Fake Is the New Real by Gabriel Marian, 2019. Source: Facebook. 

Nano Gallery

Years active: 2011 – 

The Nano Gallery is an artist-run space; it is a project born in the virtual/online world, and it focuses on assuming a transgressive type of activism, both in the sphere of visual arts and on the social and political scenes. Starting with 2012, this recalcitrant spirit embodied within the Paintbrush Factory in Cluj, thus being able to develop its disturbing and uncomfortable vision in a tangible space, more accessible to the local public. In the real world, the Nano Gallery owned for 3 years the smallest space in the Factory, a fact that helps strengthen the idea of promoting art in a miniature, almost microscopic manner. In other words, symbolically speaking, you can enclose art in the size of a pill or a virus /pathogen agent. Small is beautiful, Small is powerful. Founded and coordinated by Gabriel Marian.


Center of Interest, 9A Fabricii de Chibrituri St., 400394 Cluj-Napoca